Causes of Neck Pain

“Major Causes Of Burlington Neck Pain And How To Get Real And Lasting Pain Relief That Won’t Cause Other Problems”

Are you constantly rubbing your neck & upper back when sitting at your work desk or your computer?

Do you feel the need to stretch your neck constantly?

Have you noticed your posture changing when you look at yourself from the side where your head & neck seem to extend out in front of your shoulders?

Is it difficult for you to find a comfortable position to lie down & sleep?

Do you get up in the morning and can barely move your neck because it is so stiff & sore?

Are you getting headaches that seem to stem from your upper back & neck? Do you experience pain anywhere down into to either of your arms?

Is your immunity low & you find yourself getting frequent colds?

If you have neck pain & you answered yes to even one other of the above questions, you have a problem with the alignment of the 7 vertebrae that make up your neck ( cervical spine ). You may have even consulted another professional to find a cure for your neck pain. You may have been told that you need to take a pain-killer, anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxing drug to help your problem. You may have been told to have a massage which is a better choice than the drugs, but this often times is only a temporary solution.

Let me tell you why … if you have neck pain, the cause of your neck pain in most cases is inflamed spinal joints &/or pinched nerves. These are the result of misalignment of the any of the vertebrae that make up your neck. The misaligned vertebrae are the result of stress; postural, physical ( birth, car accidents, sports injuries, whiplashes etc.) & mental/emotional ( most people hold their tension in the neck & upper shoulder area ).

Now, when you have inflamed spinal joints in your neck &/or pinched spinal nerves you will definitely have neck pain.

What your body does to protect this mess in your neck is to make your neck muscles stiff & tight.

This is to minimize any more movement of your neck as more movement will cause more pain & damage your spine even further. Even though stiff & tight muscles are often painful, they are still NOT the cause of your neck pain.It is the underlying inflamed spinal joints &/or pinched nerves. This is why it is totally ridiculous to treat your neck pain with drugs. They do not address the cause of the problem – they mask the symptoms only.

They may make your neck feel better temporarily but you can really injure yourself even further if the drugs’ fool you’ into feeling better. That is why massage would be a better choice; at least there are no side-effects but it still does not address the cause of the problem. And did you know this ? … most of the over-the-counter medications that you would buy yourself to treat your neck pain actually cause cartilage tissue to break down AND prevent new cartilage formation?

My friends — all of your joints are lined with cartilage, even your spinal joints.

So, you take some type of medication for symptomatic relief but you are damaging your spine even further.

How can this make healthy sense?

And don’t think that you don’t have any misaligned vertebrae in your neck.

The reality is; show me someone who doesn’t! Even if your neck is not in pain.

Chiropractic Care … the wisest choice for your neck pain. Safe & gentle treatments. No side-effects. And many other health benefits associated with a healthy neck.

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