4 Essentials Of Health

“The Four Essentials For Good Health From Our Burlington Clinic”

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As the new year approaches & people start thinking about their resolutions , I always like to take this opportunity to remind parents about the 4 Essentials of Health especially for the sake of their children.

To recap, the 4 essentials are food, water, oxygen & nerve impulse.

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Food: the food that you eat provides the fuel & building blocks for growth & reproduction of your cells & tissues. It consists of proteins, fats & carbohydrates & without these, our bodies would not survive. If these are not properly balanced in your diet, your health potential would suffer. Imagine what your heart & arteries would look like if you ate a lot of doughnuts & fast foods? Would these serve to increase your health potential or decrease your health potential? And as a parent, you really need to ask yourself if these types of foods would benefit your child.

Water: 75% of our body is made of water & it is used in almost every bodily function & without proper water intake, we would not survive. But what if you drink unhealthy fluids like coffee, alcohol, pop, tap-water or fluids filled with a lot of dyes & preservatives? Again, as a parent you need to ask yourself what effects these will have on your child’s health.

Oxygen: oxygen is also needed for most every reaction in the body & is carried by the lungs & the circulatory system. How we get our oxygen is by breathing & exercising. Researchers now tell us that oxygen deprivation can cause anything from fatigue to cancer & if you are not oxygenating properly or regularly, your health potential will suffer.

Nerve Impulse: this is the 4th & most important component of the 4 essentials. Unfortunately, it is often over-looked by most parents. Nerve impulse is an electrochemical charge that is generated in the brain & is transmitted through the spinal cord & nerves to every part of the body. All bodily functions are dependent upon nerve impulse & if your brain stopped generating nerve impulse, you would die instantaneously. But what if your spine was kinked & the proper quality & quantity of nerve impulse was not flowing to your body?  I am sure you would agree that this would not be good for your health. And the only one who can tell you if this is the case is a chiropractor. Our specialty is to examine your spine to see if there are any blockages to your nerve impulses, & then remove these blockages so that your body can realize its’ full health potential.

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