5 Signs Of Unbalanced Posture

“Here Are The 5 Signs Of
Unbalanced Posture or Poor Posture”

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Last time we started discussing posture and we learned how for every inch you hold your head in front of the ‘balanced posture line’, this adds 10 lbs of extra weight to the supporting structures in your neck ( muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons).

Your neck muscles especially were not designed to hold more than the weight of your head which is normally 10 – 15 pounds.

Under this increased stress, your neck muscles will become tight and stiff, you will lose range of motion in your neck, you will start to experience muscle spasms, headaches and eventually spinal misalignments (subluxations) which we already know are what cause spinal decay.

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And you can learn all about spinal decay on our website.

Here are the ‘5 signs’ that you or your children have poor posture:

1 your body weight centres over the balls of your feet or uneven wear on the soles of your shoes with or without pain along the bottom of the foot.

2 a deep curve in your lower back (sway back) with episodes of lower back pain and stiffness.

3 increased roundness of the middle and upper back – the ‘humpback posture’.

4 shoulders rounded forward with or without shoulder pain.

5 forward head posture with the poking chin appearance.

If you have even one of these signs, you need to have a chiropractic examination right away because we need to take a closer look.

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Now, if you are still not sure as to why you would need a chiropractic examination, please join us again next time as I will discuss the consequences that poor posture has on your health.

You are going to be very surprised and it may explain a lot of your own health issues.

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