3 Simple Tips To Help Relive Backache

Backache is one of the top 5 most common symptoms that females especially have complained about over the past year and a half or so.

And the presentation of backache varies from person to person. Some people have backache when lying/sleeping, others when sitting, others when standing (at the kitchen sink for example), others when walking and others when bending/lifting.

If any of these sound familiar, here are three tips for you to help make your activities of daily living easier for you to get through.

First of all is sleep. Your mattress and sleeping posture are important and you can scroll down and check out past posts I have done on both of these topics. But just a reminder, sleeping on your stomach is not your best sleeping posture as it is can easily irritate the spinal joints in your neck and your lower back both.

Secondly, should you use an cold pack or a hot pack when your back is bothering you? Remember that when you have pain or discomfort, there is also associated inflammation. In this case it would be the spinal nerves or the spinal joints or both, in your lower back area. So, when you add heat to something that is already inflamed, it can make the problem 10 times worse.

This is a common mistake many people make. Cold compresses (ice) on the other hand are a natural anti-inflammatory and you can never go wrong with a cold compress for 15 minutes on the tender spot 3 or 4 times a day.

And finally, if you need to sit a lot throughout the day (eg. your job), it is far better for your back to sit on a posture disc or an exercise ball or use a sit-stand capable desk. Any one of these will take a huge load off of your lower spine (especially if you are carrying a few extra pounds around the waistline) and all three of these recommendations collectively can prove to be a real back-saver for you.

Next time we are going to talk about fatigue so if your get-up-and-go has disappeared lately, you may want to check out my next post.

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