Backpacks And Cell Phones

It is so refreshing to see all the kids going back to school.

The human to human inter-personal interactions are so important for the acquisition of social skills, their mental-emotional health and critical for the development and maturation of their natural in-born immune systems.

But, I have seen this a couple of times already; a child walking down the sidewalk wearing a backpack and texting at the same time.

These 2 things are a bad combination and let me tell you why.

Either one of these things on their own will predispose you to tech neck. And even more so when in combination.

Remember that tech neck is forward head posture with humping of the upper back and this can cause headaches, TMJ syndrome, neck and shoulder strain, digital dementia and it is just not good for a young and developing posture system.

So, if you see this pattern of behaviour in your kids, have a brief chat with them. Show them how to healthy-text; sitting and holding their phone in front of them – chin up and eyes up.

And a backpack has 2 straps because there are 2 shoulders.

Also, do not allow the weight of the backpack to exceed 15% of your child’s body weight.

Pack it light and wear it right!

Childhood is a critical time for development of the posture system and it is ever so true that ‘ as the twig is bent, so grows the tree.’

Have a great school year everyone.

Talk soon.

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