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“Urgent Health Update From Our Burlington Clinic | New Blood Pressure Danger Discovered”

blood pressure mediation risk
If you are one of the millions upon millions of north Americans taking blood pressure-lowering drugs, you need to know this!!

These drugs carry a danger that no one knew until recently …. a huge increase in hip fractures.

You already know that breaking your hip can be devastating as you get older.

Well, I recently came across a new study on blood pressure medications showing that within just a few days of starting these drugs, a massive number of people are suffering hip fractures.

The Archives of Internal Medicine published a little-known case analysis of over 300,000 Canadians.

And what was discovered from this study is that you have a 53% higher hip fracture risk within 45 days of taking your first ACE inhibitor, and a 58% higher risk when you start on a beta-blocker, two of the most highly prescribed blood pressure drugs in the world.

Now, if you mention the higher risk of fracture to most doctors, they are probably going to tell you to take a calcium supplement.

But that just makes things worse.

Mainstream doctors do not seem to know the science behind this. But one of the most well-conducted studies in history, the Harvard Nurses Study, showed there was absolutely no protection from fractures with any dose of calcium you can take.

In fact, the reverse was true … nurses who ingested higher amounts of calcium had an increased risk of bone fracture!

And if you are taking blood pressure drugs and/or calcium supplements, I am really, really sorry that you have been misled.

But there is good news.

We can show you how to improve your blood pressure and your overall heart health naturally.

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