Here's How We Can Help With A Jaw Dislocation

Hello all.

Dr Brad here again from Life Chiropractic Centre.

Last time we talked about posture quadrant number 1 (the head and neck)and how forward head posture or tech neck is the most common posture distortion here.

The thing about posture distortions is that if they are left uncorrected, they will have a chain reaction and cause posture distortions throughout the rest of the spine.

For example, if forward head posture is not corrected, it will eventually cause a posture distortion in the second posture quadrant (thoracic spine) called hump back.

Not only is hump back one of the most unsightly posture distortions, but in combination with forward head posture it can decrease your lung capacity by up to 30%.

Try taking in a deep breath with your head, neck and upper back bent forwards. Compare when standing with upright, open, healthy posture.This particular posture distortion robs you of vital oxygen!

If you are prone to lung problems such as emphysema, bronchitis, asthma,frequent chest colds or even allergies, it is critical that you maintain a healthy posture system so that you can breathe properly.

Are you unsure about the health of your posture system?

I can help.

This is my expertise.

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