Forward Head Posture

“Here’s What You Need To Know About Forward Head Posture”

Forward Head Posture Impacts On Health

Over the past few weeks we have discussed something called postural collapse and a specific postural distortion pattern referred to as forward head posture (FHP).

And as promised, today I am going to tell you what you absolutely need to know about FHP.

And what you absolutely need to know are the devastating consequences that FHP can have on your health all of which have been determined by scientific research.

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FHP can cause you to have headaches (including migraines), sinus issues, visual disturbances, pain and tension in the jaw, pain and tension in the neck, shoulders and chest, carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist and hands, spinal degenerative arthritis in the neck especially, 30% reduction in lung capacity, breathing difficulties including asthma, lack of energy (fatigue), weight gain, a propensity towards developing heart disease later in life and a 114% increased risk of early death in females.

Now if this is not enough to motivate you to have your posture checked, then I do not know what would be.

But if it is, I can certainly help you.

All you need to do is call our office and schedule an appointment for a posture check-up.

It is easy to do, it’s quick (only about 5 minutes) and it’s free!

So please give us a call today.

We can check you and your whole family at the same time, especially your kids.

And the reason I strongly recommend we check your kids is because spinal problems including postural problems do tend to run in families.

Our phone number here in Burlington is 905 335 LIFE (5433).

And if you are wondering what it is that causes FHP, please check in with is again next week and find out.

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