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“Important Information For All Mechanics, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, and HVAC Technicians From Our Burlington Chiropractic Clinic”

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This is what you need to know to ensure that you have good physical health after you retire from your job with no degree of disability.

I have been practicing chiropractic for over 25 years now and I have helped several patients who have worked in the trades.

The reason being is that people who work in these trades are subject to a lot of spinal nerve stress due to the constant physical demands on their neck, back and spine not to mention the wear and tear placed upon the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees.

Because many of these trades people are self-employed, they think they are too busy to spend the time necessary to take care of their physical health and when things do break down ( and they eventually will ), their choice of treatment is usually a powder, pill, prescription, lotion or potion.

This is where you need to take a real hard look at how you are treating your health issues.

This decision can truly make the difference between a long and rewarding career or not.

The problem is that things with the human body do not break down because you are not taking enough powders, pills, prescriptions, lotions or potions.

And these things do nothing to fix the problem.

They just mask the symptoms and just because you may not feel the pain or symptoms anymore does not mean the problem has been corrected.

What is important for you to understand is the difference between what chiropractors do and all those other docs who chase symptoms.

I like to use this example to make the point.

Let’s say you are driving your car and the oil light comes on in your dashboard.

You basically have 3 choices.

One, you can just ignore the problem and hope that it will go off on its own.

Two, you can disconnect the wire to the oil light so that it goes off thinking that no light means no problem.

Three, you can take your car to the mechanic to have it assessed to find out why the oil light went on in the first place.

Many, many people when they get an ache or pain or any other symptom for that matter just ignore and hope that it will go away.

Obviously, this is danger.

Understand that symptoms are your body’s way of communicating with you to alert you that there is a problem.

Why would anyone want to ignore these?

And yes, most symptoms are uncomfortable.

This is how they get your attention!

Now here is where your decision making will determine whether you are going to be healthy and vital or not.

You have accepted the fact that you have symptoms and that there is a problem.

So, what are you going to do about it?

Well, if you chose to mask the them with powders, pills, prescriptions, lotion or potions then you have essentially disconnected your oil light.

The problem is still there, but disconnecting the oil light is no different than artificially masking your symptoms with drugs, medications and certain forms of therapy.

In the long run, nothing good will come from this approach.

Also, have you ever considered the side- effects drugs and medications will have on your stomach, liver, kidneys and your joints?

Read your labels.

Do some research on the internet.

You will be shocked!

So here are the most common problems I see in people who work in the trades and they can all be helped by chiropractic without using potentially dangerous drugs and medications: headaches, neck pain and stiffness, cracking or grinding noises in the neck, upper back pain and stiffness, fatigue in the shoulders and arms especially when working over the head, numbness and tingling in the arms hands or fingers, swelling of the wrists, hands and fingers, shoulder pain and stiffness, grinding or clicking in the shoulder joints, stiffness of the wrists, hands and fingers especially in the mornings, spinal pain between the shoulder blades, chest pains, difficulty breathing, lower back pain and stiffness either after work or in the mornings, tiredness and weakness in the lower back, ‘the back that always goes out ‘ syndrome, hip pain, knee pain, weakness and tiredness in the legs, clicking or grinding of the knee joint, fluid on the knee, groin pain, leg cramps, swelling in the lower ankles and feet, and difficulty getting up after crouching for extended periods.

The following example will help you to understand the impact spinal nerve stress and/or joint dysfunction will have upon your potential to work and generate revenue.

Let’s say you are a carpenter and you start to have weakness in your right arm [ you are right handed ] due to a pinched nerve in your neck which is occupational from all the over-use and abuse.

And then you start to develop some swelling in your right shoulder.

The shoulder joint is slightly misaligned and irritated which is again is due to all the over-use and abuse.

You decide to go to the family doc and are prescribed pain-killers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

You take these, feel a little better and keep working even though the real problem is still there.

But what you are not told is that you are continuing to damage your neck and shoulder while using them under the influence of the drugs and medications.

Even though this may not be apparent to you in the beginning, you start to swing your hammer with a little less strength.

It takes 3 swings to drive a nail instead of 1 or 2.

This is creating more stress on your neck and shoulder, and is costing you time as well.

A 2 hour job then starts to take 2 ½ hours.

Then, due to the weakness in your shoulder and arm you are not driving the nails in with precision.

The quality of your work then begins to suffer.

What will be the impact upon your business and income if this persists over the course of days, weeks, months or years?

Would this have the effect of increasing your productivity, referrals and income or not?

Moreover, what is going to happen to the problem in your neck and shoulder if you simply ignore them or continue to treat with drugs and medications?

Are they going to get worse or better?

What impact will this have upon the longevity of your career?

How many years will you be healthy enough to generate income?

You need to be answer these questions for yourself but be truthful and logical.

And it does not matter what trade you are in , the effects of spinal nerve stress and/or joint dysfunction will have a similar impact upon you whatever you do.

So by maintaining good spinal health and good healthy joints [ this is what chiropractors do ], the benefits to you will be less pain and discomfort, better strength, better stamina, less down time due to injuries, quicker healing time if you are injured, a steady work and income-generating capacity, overall better health and less or no degrees of disability when you retire.

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