Here's How We Can Help With A Jaw Dislocation

Hello all.

Dr Brad here again.

Today we are going to have a quick review of the first Posture Quadrant … the head and neck.

The most common posture distortion pattern here is forward head posture or tech neck.

The most common symptoms associated with tech neck … pain and stiffness in the neck,tingling in the arms and hands, frozen shoulder syndrome, headaches and TMJ syndrome.

What exactly is TMJ syndrome?

TMJ syndrome (issues with your jaw joint) is characterized by clicking or popping in your jaw joint(s) when you chew, pain in your jaw, headaches (usually quite severe), your top teeth do not line up over your bottom teeth properly and jaw dislocation.

If fact I treated a young teenage girl just the other day who had dislocated here entire jaw (both sides).

She like thousands of other students has been spending a lot more time sitting at her computer doing her home studies.

Her posture began to slump, this resulted in tech neck which put a lot of stress onher jaw joint.

And when she yawned the other morning upon awakening, her jaw popped and got stuckin the extreme wide-open position.

She could not talk, drink, eat, swallow and was in a great deal of pain.It took 3 attempts and a lot of sweat and tears but I finally reduced the dislocation and re-set her jaw so she could open and close it properly.

Here is your take-away … if you are sitting at your computer more than you usually do, remember to do 2 things; sit healthy and take your posture break every 30 minutes.

Hope you’re all staying healthy.

I am right on top of my health game and I hope you are doing the same.Remember that as an essential service, I am always here to help.

The number to call … 905 335 LIFE (5433).Remember always that good posture is by design and not by circumstance.

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