Severe Headaches

“Chiropractic Helps 12 Year Old With Severe Headaches”

Dr Brad Ivanchuk here.

I am a Burlington, Ontario Chiropractor, Certified Posture Expert and Certified Postural Neurologist at Life Chiropractic Centre on Guelph Line.

Today I would like to share another case history with you. This one is about a 12 year old girl who outwardly appeared quite normal and healthy but was suffering from excruciating headaches at least 5 days a week.


These had been going on for at least a year and this young girl’s quality of life was nothing short of miserable.

The first thing she tried upon the advice of her family doc was of course, medication.

The first one was children’s Tylenol which had no effect.

Then it was regular Tylenol which didn’t work and then extra strength Tylenol which did not work either.

Then she tried a low dose migraine medication even though she did not have migraines, and this did not work either.

She had her eyes checked and her vision was perfect. She had a dental check up to see if she was grinding her teeth and there were no signs of this. There was no psychological overlay.

She then had a CT scan and MRI of her head, neck and brain to check for any issues with blood vessels or tumors and thankfully all of these tests were unremarkable.

So, as a last-ditch effort someone recommended she should try a chiropractor and that chiropractor happened to be me.

And from this point on it was really quite easy. Her postural analysis showed a major case of tech neck or forward head posture.

Now why would a 12 year old girl have tech neck? Because she would sit on her bed, legs crossed looking down at her tablet in her lap for hours and hours every day. Sound familiar parents?
This posture distortion became chronic irritating the spinal nerves, joints and muscles in the head and neck area resulting in violent, violent headaches.

So after 6 weeks of chiropractic adjustments, coupled with reverse posture exercises and educating this girl how to interact with technology in a posture friendly way, her headaches are non-existent.

And she is once again living the life of a happy and healthy 12 year old girl.

So,f if you or any of your children are struggling with headaches, please check with me first.

I can possibly save you a lot of time, frustration and aggravation.

And if I cannot help you, you will be the first person to know and I will refer you to the person whom I think will help you.

All you have to do is call 905 335 LIFE (5433) and schedule an appointment for your free initial consultation which also includes a detailed postural analysis.

Remember that good posture is always by design and never by circumstance.

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