Importance of Good Posture

The month of May is Posture Awareness Month and we are offering complimentary posture checks here at Life Chiropractic Centre.

And you may be asking yourself…”why would I need to have my posture checked?” Or…”why is good posture important?”

For one thing, you are going to look better.
Most people would prefer not to have humping of their back; the upper back especially.

Remember that other people look at your posture so you should too.

Your body will also move better.

Let’s say you love to play golf. Do you think you would have a smoother and better swing with a crooked posture or an upright, open and healthy posture?

I was just consulting with a patient recently. We were doing a progress examination to see how she has been doing. She cleans housing for a living and she mentioned to me that she now feels way more flexible, she no longer has backache or achy elbows at the end of her day and she has been able to increase her work load.

In other words, she can now generate more income for her and her family.

And you will most certainly feel better.

When you are hunched over, this kind of posture will rob you of the vital energy your body need throughout the day to function.

An upright posture on the other hand will energize you and keep you energized throughout your day.

After all, you rarely see anyone who has upright posture having to use a walker.

A posture check will let us know if your posture is healthy and if it’s not, we can discuss what you can do about it.

905 335 5433 is the number to call to schedule an appointment for you and your family.

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