Tips For Pain Free Walking

Hello everyone.

Dr Brad here again.

Have you noticed that you have been sitting a lot more during these lockdowns?

Are you experiencing stabbing twinges in your lower back when you get up out of your chair?
Or do you feel like you’re 90 years old and it takes 20 or 30 steps to walk upright?

What about shortness of breath? Do you feel atypically winded by the time you get to the top of the stairs?

If these kinds of things are bothering you, I am going to explain why they may be happening.

And I will also give you a couple of suggestions on what you can try to get out in front of these things and prevent them from happening in the first place.

Remember that as human beings, we were not designed to sit. We were designed to stand with an upright and open posture system.

Prolonged sitting does two things; one is that it causes our posture system to close down and collapse forwards.

The first part to do this is the head and neck (the typical tech neck presentation) which will be followed by the upper body collapsing forwards at the waist line. This is going to cause a stretch weakness in those big lower back muscles (back stabilizers) resulting in backache, sharp twinges and that old-age back syndrome.

Secondly, as our posture system collapses forwards it restricts movement of the rib cage. This will impair lung function and capacity by up to 30% resulting in shortness of breath.
Here is what you can do … if you don’t have a sit-stand capable desk, take a posture break every 30 minutes. This can be as simple as getting up and walking around the room for 60 seconds.

You could also sit on an exercise ball or a posture disc. Either one of these will automatically force you to sit more upright which will benefit your back and your breathing both.

And it’s important to stretch your lower back at least once a day especially if you do sit a lot.

Stretches however are not one size fits all. If you would like me to recommend some stretches for you, please message me with some details regarding you specific back issues.

I will then get back to you with my best stretching recommendations.

Two huge benefits of a healthy posture system …. you will move better and breathe better!!

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