Lockdown Weight Gain

Hello everyone.

Dr Brad here again.

And today I want to touch on a delicate issue for some which is weight gain.

If you have noticed your kids have gained some unwanted weight over the past 12 months, please remember it is not their fault.

And it is not your fault either.

The past year have been very difficult for most of us – in and out of these lockdowns – but especially difficult for our kids.

A lot of kids are struggling with this because it’s hard for them to comprehend what’s going on. None of this makes any sense to them.

Aside from food choices, there are legitimate reasons why your kids may have put on a few extra pounds.

Reasons such as exercise deficit, nature deficit, slumping posture and elevated levels of stress.

Remember a while back we talked about cortisol.

Cortisol is a nasty stress hormone which will cause weight gain especially around the waistline when levels are elevated in your body.

And kids are just as sensitive as adults to the effects of cortisol if not more so.If you have noticed your kids are getting a little soft around the middle, you may want to consider the following.

Remember that kids need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise every single day. Exercise should be playful and fun and with other kids for the acquisition and development of their social skills.

Kids also need 200 to 300 minutes of greenspace time (time in nature) every single week. Greenspace time is a great stress-reliever, beneficial for their mental health, a source of fresh clean oxygen and time away from technology.

Some kids don’t get enough of this these days.

And regarding the sweets and treats, try as best as you can to have a healthy balance here.

Now is not the time to take away all of life’s simple pleasures.

A couple of cookies or a small bowl of ice cream would serve them far better before they go out to play as opposed to before bedtime.

Next time I will be discussing slumped posture in children.

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