Minimizing Spinal Misalignments

“Here’s How To Minimize Spinal Misalignments And Subluxations”

Minimizing Spinal Misalignments and Subluxations
Today you are going to learn what it is you can do to minimize your spinal misalignments or subluxations.

And the reason I say minimize is because the fact is, they never go away completely.

Recall what we learned last time about the ongoing effects of the 3 T’s; traumas, thoughts and toxins.

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The chiropractic adjustment is your best defence against the damaging effects of spinal misalignments or subluxations.

And the intention of the chiropractic adjustment in its purest form is to unleash and maximize the flow of the electrical impulses that are generated in your brain and travel down the spinal cord and out the nerves to every single cell in your body.

All 37.2 trillion of them.

Those same electrical impulses that principled chiropractors refer to as your ‘vital life force’ or your ‘innate intelligence’.

So how does the chiropractic adjustment benefit you exactly?

Aside from keeping you in good posture which is also your best defence against spinal degenerative arthritis, the chiropractic adjustment ensures optimal function of every cell, tissue , gland and organ in your body.

The adjustment also ensures optimal tissue repair and tissue regeneration which takes place inside your body on a daily basis.

The adjustment also ensures optimal function of your immune system.

So the collective benefit of the chiropractic adjustment is the maximum expression of your inborn health potential.

And what person does not need or deserve this?!

And chiropractic is the only health care profession on the face of the planet that can make this happen for you!

Now, even after learning what you have learned here over the past few weeks, I know there are a whole bunch of you out there who are saying… “ this is all fine and good, it makes total sense to me, I completely understand”, BUT …“I don’t need a chiropractor right now because I am not in any pain.”

So, for those of you who have this mindset, I would like to leave you with this fact to consider.

Only 10% of your nerve tissue is sensory which means it can feel pain, pleasure, hot, cold etc.

This means that 90% of the time when you have a subluxation, you are not going to feel anything including pain.

So, if you are basing your need for chiropractic care or your level of health for that matter upon the presence or absence of pain or symptoms, this is very, very risky business!!

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