Helping Moms Relieve
Their Headaches

Hello everyone. Dr Brad here again.

Last time we talked about pediatric headaches.

Today we are going to talk about mommy headaches.

I know how stressed and how busy you are with everything going on in our world today.

There is an element of fear and uncertainty that weighs on us all to some degree.

Often times this will affect our physical health and headaches are a common result. Tension headaches especially. Those headaches that will sit behind your eyes, or across
your forehead or along the base of your skull. Sometimes it feels like it engulfs your entire

Tension headaches (any headaches for that matter) can knock you right off your game and this is the last thing any of us need right now. Especially with a home and children to manage.

Here are a few tips to help you get out in front of these things before they become a problem.
Regular neck stretches every day (contact me if you need help with this) and cold packs if you feel one coming on (10 to 15 min across your forehead, base of skull or both).

Remember too that chiropractic adjustments are an excellent tool to help you manage stress and have proven to be a highly effective drug-free way to help people manage their headaches.

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