Sore Feet Can Be
A Sign Of Bad Posture

I have shared with you over the past few months some self-assessment tips on how you can check your posture and especially you kids posture right at home.

You can scroll down and check them out right here.

Here are 3 other indicators that your spinal alignment and posture are not aligned properly;

•The outer edge of the heels of your shoes wear unevenly. There should be minimal wear here (depending upon the age of the shoes) but most importantly the wear pattern should be equal side to side.

•When you walk, one foot flares out more the other. The toes of both feet should point straight ahead (the same) when walking.

•You suffer from heels spurs and/or plantar fasciitis (pain in the heel and/or along the bottom of the foot).

If you have even one of these things, chances are there are other issues with you postural alignment so a thorough posture check is in order.

May is Posture Awareness month here at Life Chiropractic Centre.

Posture Checks are complimentary for the entire month of May.
The number to call to schedule an appointment for you and your family is 905 335 5433.

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