Importance Of Spinal Development In Girls

So what is it that affects teenaged girls more than teenaged boys?

It is the same thing that can affect spinal development, self-esteem, athletic performance and even lung capacity, digestion and fertility.

And what I am talking about is scoliosis or an abnormal spinal curve. Instead of a straight spine (normal), the spine is shaped like an ‘S’.

If you have children at home, females especially, I am going to give you 3 things you should look for to check for spinal curvature.

Recently, we have talked about thoracic hyper-kyphosis or humpback. And if you haven’t seen any of those video yet, you can scroll down and check them out.

Thoracic hyper-kyphosis (humpback) frequently accompanies scoliosis so this is one thing you can look for.

Another thing; are their shoulders level or un-level?

Put one hand on each of their shoulders while they are standing and check if your hands are level. This is best done from behind. If your hands are un-level, then their shoulders are un-level. This is another indicator of a spinal curvature.

And finally, does one shoulder blade seem to poke out more than the other?
The best way to check this is to have them bend over to touch their toes while you stand behind them and observe.

Do both shoulder blades lie equally flat on their ribcage?

Or does one seem higher or seem to poke upwards?
If it is the latter, then this is another indicator that they have a spinal curvature.

If any of your kids (males included) have any of these symptoms or signs, a deeper investigation is a must.

We will talk about what it is you can do about this next time.

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