Aging Posture Can Start
At An Early Age

It is the most common posture distortion in the middle part of your back; the thoracic spine.

It can reduce lung capacity by up to 30% in all age groups.

At least 40% of our elderly population have this posture distortion which increases their risk of stumbling and falling, it makes them 3 ½ times more likely to end up in a nursing home and a 2004 study concluded that the most severe consequence of this posture distortion is early mortality due to atherosclerosis (heart disease).

What I am referring to is thoracic hyper-kyphosis or that unsightly humpback.

Remember that forward head posture or tech neck almost always precedes humpback. It is very rare to have humpback without having tech neck.

The concerning thing however is that at least 34% of school aged children already have some degree of tech neck.

Technology is one of, if not the major cause of posture distortions and postural collapse in humans.

So knowing the potential long-term health implications of humpback, it behooves us as parents to keep a close eye on how our kids interact with technology.

When your children are looking at a screen (any type of screen), make sure they are standing upright or sitting upright with eyes up and chin up.

This is one thing they can do to ensure an upright, open and healthy posture system.

It is ever so true that ‘as the twig is bent, so grows the tree’.

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