Benefits Of Spinal Traction

Hello everyone.

Dr Brad Ivanchuk here. I am a Burlington, Ontario chiropractor at Life Chiropractic Centre on Guelph Line in the Beacon Hill Plaza.

I am also a Certified Posture Expert and Postural Neurologist with the American Posture Institute. And a canfitpro certified Personal Training Specialist.

Today we are going to learn about cervical traction (neck traction).

Chiropractors who specialize in posture correction will use neck traction as part of their posture correction program. There are a few different ways of doing spinal traction and we use standing or vertical traction here at Life Chiropractic as I feel this the most effective and easiest to do.
There are many health benefits to neck traction. It forces relaxation of your neck muscles by supporting the entire weight of your head, it opens up your spinal joints and the canals where your nerve roots lie, it reduces pressure on your spinal joints, nerve roots and spinal discs, it improves the flow of nutrients into your spinal joints and spinal discs, and it assists in correcting your (neck) posture.

These things are your best defense against developing spinal degenerative arthritis.
Let’s recap …. spinal degenerative arthritis is a consequence of posture distortions left undetected and uncorrected. It is also an advancing condition when posture distortions are left undetected and uncorrected.

Spinal degenerative arthritis is also one of the fastest growing health conditions and we are
now seeing this in kids as young as 10 years of age.
To find out if you or your kids are at risk of developing spinal degenerative arthritis, all you have to do is call and schedule an appointment for your free initial consultation.

These also include a free detailed posture scan and this is the absolute best place to start.
Call 905 335 LIFE (5433) to schedule your appointment.

Remember … good posture is by design and not by circumstance.

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