The Body Is Perfect

“Two Different Schools of Thought
About Health – Part 2”

Last week we learned about a school of thought regarding health and health care which was the basic doctrine of medicine.

Today we will learn about a second school of thought which is the belief that our bodies were created fundamentally perfect.

And our nerve system (brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves) is the master controller of every function and every part of our body.

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And that our bodies do possess the capacity to regulate themselves and do possess the capacity to heal themselves.

For example, our bodies can manufacture about 68,000 different chemicals and drugs in the exact right formulation and quantity, delivered the exact right place and the exact right time that you need them.

Our bodies can also control and coordinate 37.2 trillion (37.2 + 12 zero’s) every second of every minute of every day of our lives and this all happens without our conscious thought. And the reason why is because this is the job of the nerve system – our master controller – and it will happen perfectly all of the time provided there is no interference to its function.

Remember that what can interfere with the function of our master controller is a subluxation and resulting postural distortions. Postural distortions will compress your spinal cord and spinal nerves which will slow down the flow of your nerve impulses.

Organ and tissue function will then slow down and the body will fall into a state of dis-ease (lack of harmony).

When the body is in a state of dis-ease for prolonged periods, it will then start to dysfunction. And when body parts start to dysfunction, they then become symptomatic. As you can see, a lot of things have to happen before symptoms begin to appear.

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