Treating Anxiety With Diet And Exercise

“Treating General Anxiety Disorder Through Exercise And Diet”

anxiety and exercise

Today we are going to continue our discussion on alternative and natural remedies for the treatment of GAD ( general anxiety disorder).

Even though medication may be necessary in some instances, it is always a good idea to keep the following in mind in the event that you would like to try managing your anxiety with less medication or without medication.

But if you are under the care of a doctor for the treatment of GAD specifically, you must consult with them regarding any changes you want to make regarding medication.

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Two other deficiencies that can lead to anxiety are lack of aerobic exercise and lack of stretching.

And of the two, the greatest lack in North America is that of stretching.

So, with any of my patients who suffer from anxiety, I always recommend 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day (even if just brisk walking on a treadmill or outside when the weather is nice) and 30 minutes of stretching per day.

I have a very effective stretching program that I teach all of my patients who are suffering from this condition.

Regarding your diet, it is very important to avoid things such as sugar, alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs and coffee as all of these can increase your levels of anxiety.

When we continue this discussion next week, you are going to learn how chiropractic care has helped countless numbers of patients who suffer from GAD.

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