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“How To Treat A Colicky Baby Information From Our Burlington Clinic”

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Please consider if you are the parent of a colicky baby.

And, if you are unsure if your baby has colic, see if the rule of 3 applies.

The rule of 3 is used to differentiate a diagnosis of colic and these are the 3 things you need to watch for:

  • at least 3 hours of inconsolable crying per day,
  • at least 3 days per week for
  • at least 3 weeks in a row.
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If you baby meets these criteria, and in the absence of more serious complications, then he or she is most likely suffering from colic.

And I know from over 25 years of family practice that this can be a horribly stressful situation especially for new parents.

You desperately want your newborn to be happy, healthy & content but you just do not know what to do to stop the crying.

And like many parents, you may have tried everything from car-rides to gripe water which would cause a great deal of concern for any parent.

Colic has been attributed to many different things such as the mother’s diet, the new mother’s anxiety level & spinal misalignments.

I would like to explain more to you about spinal misalignments as this is my area of expertise.

As your child is being born, the vertebrae of the neck & back can often times go out of alignment due to all the compressing, twisting & stretching that takes place during the birth process. Difficult deliveries ( forceps, prolonged labour, vacuum assist, breech, base posterior etc. ) can significantly increase the chances of getting spinal misalignments.

These misalignments can generally cause your baby to be cranky, uncomfortable & a fussy eater but when they affect the nerves to the digestive system specifically, colic or colic-like symptoms are sure to result.

As a parent, you need to know that chiropractic care has helped hundreds & hundreds of colicky babies and there are several research studies and case histories to support its effectiveness.

So, if you are frustrated with a colicky baby of your own, I strongly urge you to read the article found on this website about Chiropractic & Colic.

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