Walking And Texting

“Potential Negative Impacts To Your Health From Too Much Walking And Texting”

Walking and Texting Burlington
Dr Brad Ivanchuk is a Burlington, Ontario chiropractor and is founder and owner of Life Chiropractic Centre on Guelph line in the Beacon Hill Plaza.

He graduated from the University of Toronto in 1981 and the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1986.

He is also a canfitpro certified Personal Training Specialist and a Certified Posture Expert with the American Posture Institute.

He is currently studying to become a Certified Posture Neurologist.

Life Chiropractic Centre is a family chiropractic and posture correction health care facility.

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Today we learn about the hazards of walking and texting.

Everywhere you go you will see kids especially walking and texting on their cell phones at the same time.

Texting we already know is one of the causes tech neck which is when your head and neck are flexed forward similar to a caveman posture.

Arm swing is an underrated but highly important aspect of gait.

The frontal cortex part of your brain where higher order executive function originates (which is unique to the human
species) initiates arm swing. Lack of arm swing is considered a neurological deficit.

Think about a stroke victim for a minute. Often times they have impaired arm swing and gait patterns and postural collapse (caveman posture) due to the neurological deficits caused by the stroke.

And when kids walk around looking down at their cell phones they have virtually no arm swing, shuffling gait patterns and postural collapse similar to a stroke victim.

So, why am I telling you this?

Because the lack of arm swing, the shuffling gait pattern and the postural collapse is bringing us back to lower level function of the frontal cortex
which is associated with coordinated movements, anger and depression.

Another example of how the human race is de-evolving at the speed of technology.

We have much more to learn about this next time but in the meantime if you have any questions on this topic or any other health concerns you may have or your kids may have, please call me.

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