Common Cold Facts

“Our Burlington Clinic Provides Some Interesting Facts About
the Common Cold”

life chiropractic centerDid you know that it is perfectly normal & healthy to have 2 colds per year?
Our bodies will cleanse itself as it prepares for the warm weather germs in the spring and again in the fall as it prepares for the cold weather germs.
This is normal and there is nothing you can do about it.
Just accept the fact that this means you are healthy.
Cold remedies just do not work so don’t waste your dollars.
There is tons of research out there that proves this time and time again.
The reality is this … a cold takes a couple days to ramp up, is with you for 3-4 days and another couple days to wind down. Nothing will expedite this process.
Now, if you have frequent colds or are the type to catch everything that is going around, then you have a problem.
The problem usually is an immune system that is too weak to keep you otherwise healthy.
Chiropractic is an excellent way to supercharge your immune system.
No invasive drugs or chemicals.
All natural.
Give it a try.
You will be pleasantly surprised.

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