Treating Childrens Sports Injuries

“Common Children Winter Sports Injuries Treated At Our Burlington Chiropractic Clinic”

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Here is some very important information for parents who have children who participate in winter sports and the most common injury to look out for.

Now that there is increased awareness regarding head injuries and concussions with most kids now wearing protective head gear, the next most common area that is  subject to frequent injuries in children is the lower back and tailbone.

There are several winter sports that can be potentially dangerous to the lower back and tailbone which include skiing, snow-boarding, hockey, figure skating, public skating, tobogganing and even curling.

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All of these pose the risk of injury to the lower back and tailbone especially if one falls directly on them.

As a parent, you need to understand that direct falls on the tailbone and lower back can alter the alignment of the pelvis.

It is very important that the pelvis is in perfect alignment because it is the foundation of the spine and the skeletal system.

If the pelvis is tipped or twisted or both due to a fall or repetitive falls, this can set the stage for conditions such as lower back pain, sciatic leg pains, spinal  curvature (scoliosis) and even spinal degenerative disease.

These conditions are not always an immediate result of trauma to the lower back or tailbone, but if the misalignments to the pelvis are not corrected immediately, they eventually will be.

And, they can have a dramatic effect on one’s quality of life and their ability to participate effectively in sports.

In fact, I rarely see an adult with lower back problems who did not suffer some sort of trauma or trauma’s to their lower back and/or tailbone as a child.

So, if your child has fallen on the ice or snow and landed directly on their lower back or tailbone, a chiropractic check-up is essential.

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