Healthy Shoulders

“How Our Burlington Clientele Can Keep Strong And Healthy Shoulders

Do your shoulders click or pop when you move them around?

Do you avoid lying on one shoulder when sleeping because it is too painful &/or causes your arm to fall asleep?

If you answered yes to either question or both, listen up ….

If the vertebrae in your neck are not aligned properly (pinching the nerves in your neck), this can cause shoulder pain &/or arm numbness.

And your shoulder is a complex mechanism of joints, muscles & ligaments & if these are not balanced & aligned properly, this will definitely cause popping or grinding in the shoulder, & pain & numbness in the arm.


You have 3 choices …1) ignore, 2) medicate or 3) fix.

If you choose to ignore or medicate, good luck! These are the 2 worst choices out of the 3.

If you want to fix the problem responsibly, chiropractic is your best choice.

Our specialty is to keep all of your joints aligned properly so that they do not wear out, become arthritic (click & pop), pinch your nerves & cause you grief.

It’s your house, it’s your choice … do what is right to take ‘the weight off your shoulders’.

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