Milk Alternatives For Newborns

Alternatives To Breast Milk Or Cow’s Milk For Newborns

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Often times milk can cause digestive upset in newborns.

The mother’s breast milk can often times cause digestive upset because of toxins or the wrong diet.

And cow’s milk can cause major digestive upset for everyone, not just newborns.

Remember that calves require 4 stomachs to digest their mother’s milk.

So how could anyone think that cow’s milk would be fit for human consumption when we have just 1 stomach?

If you are struggling with the bottle feeding stages with your baby ( gas, fussiness, poor appetite, runny stools etc.), here are some tips for you.

I do not agree with formula.

A lot of them have artificial products in them & a lot of them contain high levels of sugar.

Some have very little nutritional value.

I do not agree with soy milk because a lot of people have a sensitivity or allergy to soy & some research shows that it can impair brain function.

Rice milk is OK, but contains no protein which is obviously required for growth.

Aside from human breast milk, your best alternative is goat’s milk.

Goat’s milk is the closest in composition to human breast milk, has all the nutrients your baby requires & will not cause digestive upset as there is no lactose.

You can now find it in most grocery stores, especially in the organic or health food section.

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