Natural Asthma Treatment

“Here Are Some Helpful Tips From Our Burlington Clinic About How To Help Kids Suffering From Asthma”

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Asthma is a condition where breathing becomes difficult do to spasmodic contraction of the bronchial tubes.

The most popular forms of treatment are pills & puffers but these address the symptoms of asthma only.

They do not address the cause ( why is the asthma there in the first place? ) & with prolonged use, can cause further problems with the lungs & bronchi.

This is what you need to know to help treat the condition, not just cover it up with meds.

Get tested for allergies & remove any positive ones from your environment.

Cats , dogs , dust , feathers etc. can trigger asthma attacks.

Sulphites & salicylates are preservatives found in food & medications.

These can trigger asthma attacks.

Read your labels & avoid aspirin & any over the counter pain or cold meds with salicylates.

Fast foods, saturated fatty acids & Omega 6 fatty acids can trigger asthma attacks.

Never jump into cold swimming pools or lakes. The temperature shock can trigger an attack.

Manage your weight.

The heavier you are, the harder it is to breathe.

2 cups of licorice root tea per day

This has been shown to have preventative properties.

Chiropractic care is by far your best natural approach.

We can keep the spine & rib-cage flexible making it easier to breathe.

And there are no negative side-effects.

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