Natural Cure For Ear Infections

” Burlington Chiropractic Tip Of The Week – A Natural Way To Help Cure Ear Infections”

Remember that the germs that cause ear infections are already in your body.
They are part of your body’s natural flora.

When tissues become weakened, the normal germs will multiply to beyond normal
levels & cause an infection/illness.

Tissues become weakened from having poor nerve supply & thus poor defences.

Poor nerve supply is the result of misaligned spinal vertebrae pinching the nerves.

When this happens in the neck, the ears will suffer because the nerves from the neck
supply the ears.

Spinal adjustments re-align the vertebrae, light up the nerves & the tissues become
strong again & are able to fight off infections.

If you or your children are suffering with ear infections, try chiropractic care.

No drugs or anti-biotics & you will be pleasantly surprised.

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