Strain Versus Break

“How To Tell The Difference Between A Sprain And A Break”

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Often times there is confusion as to whether an injury is a SPRAIN ( soft-tissue injury ) or an actual broken bone.

Because most of you are not experts in this field, here are a couple of helpful hints:

Remember that a sprain or strain will swell up immediately.

A break on the other hand will not swell as much as a sprain or strain.

A break may also not be as painful initially as a sprain because there is usually not as much inflammation ( swelling ).

With a break you will usually see a deformity of the injured body part (an alignment deformity ).

With a sprain/strain there will be localized swelling and rarely an alignment issue unless there has been a dislocation.

In the event of a dislocation, there will be no mistaking it.

And, of course an xray will most always differentiate between a sprain/strain & a fracture or broken bone.

The best thing to do however is to get to emergency or your family chiropractor right away to have the injury assessed properly.

A quick & correct diagnosis is critical to determine the most effective treatment for proper healing.

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