Causes Of Subluxations

“How Do We Get These Things Called Subluxations?”

Subluxation and chiropractic
In our last posting we defined what a subluxation is and outlined the negative effects they have on your spine and your health in general.

I would now like to explain how you get them and it is extremely important that you understand this!

Remember that a subluxation by medical definition is ‘a partial or incomplete dislocation of a vertebra.’ And it is virtually impossible for all 24 of your spinal vertebrae to stay in their correct anatomical position for your entire lifetime because ….. subluxations are caused by STRESS.

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There are 3 kinds of stress that affect
children and adults alike.

Physical, mental/emotional and chemical.

Examples of physical stress would be the whiplash injury to your neck from a car accident, lifting injuries to your lower back, falls onto the lower back and tailbone ( especially in children ), and even the birth process itself can be the first episode of physical stress for most of us.

When you are under extreme or constant mental/emotional stress from things such as challenges with your kids, or your personal relationship with your partner or you are unhappy in your job, the muscles in your neck, upper back and lower back become over-tight. And because these muscles attach directly to your spine, if they are over-tight for extended periods they can actually pull the vertebrae out of their normal position and cause them to misalign or subluxate.

Chemical stress results from an accumulation of toxins in your body. Examples of some of these toxins would be tobacco, alcohol, drugs ( prescription and non-prescription ), sugar, refined and processed foods, and even vaccines and flu shots contain numerous toxins that are not good for your body.

So the lesson we need to learn here is that stress causes subluxations and no man, woman or child can ever escape the effects of stress. We are all subjected to all 3 forms of stress our entire life. This means that we are always at risk of getting subluxations in our spine.

In our next posting we will discuss what you can do to minimize the negative effects subluxations have on your spine and your health, and this will apply to both children and adults.

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