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“Chiropractic Care For The Rest Of Your Life?…How Absurb!!!”

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Many people I have talked over the past 26 years in my Chiropractic practice have remarked on the myth “ once you start going to a chiropractor you have to keep going for the rest of your life.”

This idea of becoming addicted to adjustments or even just needing them to keep feeling well is not uncommon in people who have been to a chiropractor themselves and even those who simply know someone else who has been under care but they are not themselves a patient.

Millions upon millions of people have no problem taking pain-killers, high blood-pressure medication, digestive medication, cholesterol medication etc. for the rest of their lives, so why should they have a problem with those who see a chiropractor on a regular basis?

People who continually go to a chiropractor simply realize that there is a difference between not being sick and being optimally well.

In that case, the only thing they are addicted to is being healthy, happy and full of life! We should all be so lucky to be addicted to that!

When someone works out and improves their level of physical fitness, do they say to themselves “ I’m glad that I never have to work out again!”?

Of course not!

If someone is overweight and changes their diet and eating habits and loses that extra 10 pounds, do they say to themselves “ Boy, am I glad I never have to eat good, healthy food again now that I have my weight under control.”?

When you wake up after a good night’s sleep totally rested and refreshed, do you say to yourself “Alright!

Now I never have to sleep again!”?

Of course these are ridiculous questions.

Just because someone exercises regularly, eats a good, healthy diet and sleeps every night doesn’t mean they are addicted to exercise , a healthy diet and sleep.

They simply understand that doing all of these things on a regular basis along with all of their other healthy life-style habits and keeping a positive attitude will ensure that they are at their best each and every day.

And what is wrong with that?!

The same is true of getting chiropractic care on a regular basis. Because of the millions upon millions of connections between your spine, nerve system and your body, it is only good and common sense to keep your spine well-aligned for your lifetime.

This will help to ensure that your body is healthy and functioning optimally all the time.

And, what is wrong with that?

If you only take one thing from this, let it be this …. Your spine will either be your greatest asset as you age or your greatest liability.

And this all depends upon how well you take care of it now, today!

So you see, getting adjusted for the rest of your life helps you experience the best of your life!

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