Chiropractic Wellness Care

“What Is Chiropractic Wellness Care?”

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Last time we learned about treatment plans for spinal decay so now I would like to explain to you what you can do once you have successfully completed your corrective program of chiropractic care.

At this point most patients choose to do some sort of maintenance schedule because by now they have realized how much their health has improved.

In my view, maintenance is for lawnmowers and automobiles so this is why I like to call it wellness care. Wellness care not only maintains your spinal correction but the biggest benefit to you is that it keeps you in a state of wellness.

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So what is wellness exactly? Wellness means that all 11 of your body’s systems (eg. cardiovascular system, reproductive system, digestive system, nerve system etc.) are working together harmoniously so that you experience the very best of health possible.

This not only benefits you now, but more importantly it sets the stage for optimal health as you grow older.

Then there is less chance that you will need medication or develop aches and pains or dis-ease.

Your next question will be … “ how often do I need to come in for wellness chiropractic care?”

And my answer is – anywhere from once a week to once a month, but this really depends upon your current lifestyle.

And another thing that I know you are wondering … “ how long does wellness care last for?” And my answer is – it lasts for only as long as you want to remain healthy.

If you would like to find out more about wellness care and corrective care, you are more than welcome to attend one of our Doctor’s Reports.

We hold these most every Wednesday evening from 630 to 7pm right here in our office.

All we ask is that you call 905 335 5433 to confirm your attendance.

Life Chiropractic … helping families just like yours build vibrant, healthy, drug-free lives for over 25 years in Burlington.

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