Chiropractic Wellness Care

“Understanding Chiropractic Wellness Care”

Understanding Chiropractic Wellness Care BurlingtonToday I would like to help you understand why wellness chiropractic care is important.

Once patients complete their corrective program of chiropractic care, often times we forget why it is important to continue on with some sort of wellness plan.

So, to help you understand this, I would like you to consider the following 2 scenarios.

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Let’s say you have committed to an exercise program to lose that extra 25 pounds around your waist.

Do you think it would be wise to stop exercising once the 25 pounds is gone?

Or, let’s say you have committed to a heart-healthy diet because your levels of bad cholesterol are high.

Do you think it would be wise to stop eating heart-healthy food once your cholesterol levels are normal?

The answer here is obvious and I am quite sure you would agree.

Well, the same thinking applies to chiropractic care.

Once you have successfully completed your corrective program of chiropractic care, whether it was 6 months or 12 months or even 18 months, it is important to follow up with some type of wellness care plan.

Because if you don’t, you will eventually lose all the benefits you have gained throughout your corrective care.

Now, next time I am going to give you my best recommendation for what I know to be the optimal wellness care plan for chiropractic care.

But in the meantime, if you have any questions on this topic or any other health concerns you may have or your family may have, please give me a call.

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