Safety Tips For Kids
Summer Camps

Summer camps will be starting soon and if your kids do participate in these, I have three important tips for you today.

First of all is hydration. Please be sure that your kids get adequate hydration throughout the day and water is always your safest and best choice.

Stay away from sugary drinks including fruit juice and sports drinks. Sports drinks can contain a lot of sugar and they can also be very hard on the kidneys.

Secondly, make sure they fuel properly before any activities. Veggies (steamed or raw) with a serving of protein (chicken/fish) and a serving of quinoa or brown rice is ideal a few hours before any activity.

If it’s a morning activity, use eggs as a source of protein. Egg whites and oatmeal is also a good power- meal first thing in the morning.

Throughout the day, snacking on fresh fruit is the best way for the kids to keep their energy levels up.

And finally, make sure your kids warm-up properly before any activity. Warming up for baseball will be different than golf, which will be different than gymnastics, which will be different then swimming, which will be different than soccer etc.

Going in to an activity cold (no warm-up) is when they are most likely to suffer from sprain/strain type injuries.

The warm up should be the due diligence of the specific instructor.

Next time I will review some first aid tips with you on how to manage those inevitable bumps and bruises and sprain/strain injuries.

In the meantime, if you need me you can reach me at 905 335 LIFE (5433).I am always here to help.

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