Smoothie Nutrition

For All You Health Food And Exercise Junkies, This Is What You Need To Know If You Like To Grab  A Smoothie After A Work-Out Or As A Snack.
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Tim Horton’s Real Fruit Smoothies

These do not contain any fiber because the fruit flavor is made up fruit puree & juice concentrates. Not whole fruits.

As well, all 3 flavors contain added sugars: glucose-fructose ( high fructose corn syrup ), glucose & molasses.

The culprit – Mixed berry Fruit Smoothie with Yogurt 18 oz.  290 calories!  67g of carbs from 60g of sugar! Only 5g of protein.

McDonalds Real Fruit Smoothies

Sold in 2 flavours with or without yogurt. The fruit is from puree & juice concentrate with cellulose powder added for fibre. All contain

added sugar & artificial flavours.

The culprit – Strawberry Banana with Yogurt 22 oz.  330 calories!  77g of carbs mostly from 70g of sugar! Only 3 g of protein.

Booster Juice

Even though these are made with fresh frozen fruit, they can pack a big calorie punch.

The culprit – Funky Monkey 24oz.  585 calories!  8.8g of fat!  110g of carbs. Even the 12oz size has twice the calories & carbs you would

need for a snack.

Second Cup

Sugar is the 2nd or 3rd ingredient listed for Fruit Chillers & they do not have any protein!

The culprit – Strawberry Fruit Chiller 24oz.

570 calories!  141g of sugar largely from 135g of sugar!

PS a 24.7oz. Coke contains 320 calories & 82g of carbs.


Most smoothies contain natural frozen yogurt.

The culprit – Moka 7.6oz.

290 calories & only 1g of fibre!

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