Tips To Help Moms With  Lower Back Pain

Hello everyone.

Dr Brad Ivanchuk here.

Last time we talked about lower back pain in kids.

But what about all you hard-working and over-stressed mom’s out there? I really feel for you all.

It is a challenging time for many of us.

Did you know that females tend to hold a lot of their stress in the lower lumbar area?

Mental/emotional stress, kid stress, relationship stress, not to mention the physical stress from all the hard work that you do.

This can often times lead to chronic lower back ache and if this sounds like you, I have a few helpful tips for you today.

First of all, should you apply ice or heat on an achy back?

Wherever you fell achy and sore, there is always a degree of underlying inflammation.

So if you apply heat directly over a sore spot, this will escalate the underlying inflammation and make the problem even worse.

Cold packs are therefore the best thing to do. Ten to 15 minutes over the sore area every couple of hours.

Cold has anti-inflammatory properties. There is nothing wrong however with a warm salt bath as long as you apply a cold compress before and afterwards.

Stretching your back is also another thing you can do but you have to know which stretches you should do and which stretches you shouldn’t do.

This will be different for every person depending upon what the exact problem is.

I will be able to help you with this. You can reach out to me on Facebook, the contact form on our homepage or a simple phone call.

And remember too that spinal alignments are an excellent drug-free way to help with lowerback ache.

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