Good Posture Can Help You Feel Better

Hello again. Dr Brad here.So how have you been feeling the past 14 months during these lockdowns?More headaches, backaches, sciatica, low energy, depressive episodes?If you have any or all of these things, rest assured you are not alone. I am seeing more of this in my own practice members which is atypical for most. Goes to show you what elevated levels of stress and social confinement does to the human body and psyche.I am going to explain why this may be happening and I will also show you one trick that could make a world of difference for you.First of all, think back to when you were a kid. You did something wrong, you got into some trouble and you were scolded by your parents. Remember how you responded to that … you may have been staring at your feet with your head down, arms folded across your chest, you may have even gone to your room and curled up into a ball on your bed for a while. This by the way, is a normal physiological response that is pre-programmed into each and every one of us. Closing in on ourselves like this is called a protective posture. This naturally happens when we are feeling overwhelmed and over-stressed. And who isn’t feeling overwhelmed and over-stressed these days?And the closing of our posture systems can be ever so subtle. The trouble however, is that as posture collapses or closes, our postural muscles become weak and fatigued making it more difficult for us to open up and stay that way. And this is when all those secondary issues will start …. the headaches, the backaches, the sciatic pains, the low energy levels and depressive episodes just to name a few.So when you catch yourself closing in on yourself, I would like you to try this. I would like you to hold a power pose for 2 minutes. What is a power pose? Envision Superman or Super Girl or Wonder Woman in their typical stance. Chin is up, hands on their hips and the chest puffed out. This is their power pose and you can do the same thing too. Benefits? Holding a power pose for at least 2 minutes will flood your body with testosterone. Testosterone is your ‘power’ hormone. It will also release endorphins into your body which are your ‘feel-good’ hormones. And a power pose will quash the cortisol levels; that nasty, destructive stress hormone. Good posture can thus help you to feel better.And you can do this anywhere and as many time as you want throughout the day.Let me know how this works for you. And if you don’t notice any significant change, there may be something else going on.You can reach out to me on fb and we can figure this out together.Click Here To Book A Free Initial Consultation

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