"Health Benefits Of Good Neck Posture"

Hello everyone.

Dr Brad Ivanchuk here. I am a Burlington, Ontario Chiropractor at Life Chiropractic Centre on Guelph Line.

I am also a certified Posture Expert and Postural Neurologist with the American Posture Institute and a canfitpro certified Personal Training Specialist, Active Aging Coach and Children’s Fitness Coach.

Today we are going to learn about the health benefits of having a proper cervical (neck) curve. And this is the same thing as having good posture in Posture Quadrant #1.

You can see on this website what a proper neck curve looks like and these health benefits I am about to share with you have all been verified within the scientific research community.

Cervical spine correction and maintaining the correction will improve headaches, neck pain, dizziness, arm pain, disc herniation in the neck, lower back pain, sciatica (leg pain), fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndromes.

And the reason why cervical curve correction can have far-reaching effects throughout the body is because the spinal cord in your neck is a bundle of every single nerve in your body.

Even the ones that go right down to the tips of your toes.

Two other benefits that you need to know about – people with proper neck posture are much less dependent on opiods and a properly curved neck increases your spinal cord velocity.

What this means is that the nerve impulses that are generated in your brain ( tens of millions every second of every day of your life) will travel down the spinal cord to every single part of your body faster.

And the faster that these impulse can travel, the greater is your health potential.

This study in particular confirms that good postural alignment greatly determines your health status.

And in one way or another, principled chiropractors have been saying this for decades!

If you have any questions on this topic or any other health concerns you may have or your kids may have , please call me.
Consultations in our office are always free of charge and these include a detailed postural analysis. We offer this as a community service.
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Remember that good posture is by design and not by circumstance.

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