Straight Versus Backwards Neck Curve

“What Causes You To Have a Straight or Backwards Curved Neck?”

backwards curve in neck
Last time we discussed why it is very important for everybody to have a normal 42 degree forward curve in their neck, and today we will learn how you can end up with a straight neck or a neck with a backwards curve.

How this can happen is from a subluxation of 1 or more of the vertebrae in your neck.

And remember that a subluxation is a partial or incomplete dislocation of a vertebra. We all have them …. it is virtually impossible not to!

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And when a subluxation is left undetected and uncorrected it will cause your spine to assume an unhealthy posture.

An unhealthy posture will cause your spine to degenerate and become arthritic.

Now what is it that can cause you to get a subluxation in your neck?

A difficult birth can especially if forceps were used or the vacuum assist was used.

Sporting injuries where you may have suffered a whiplash or a concussion.

A compressive neck injury where something falls o the top of your head.

Car accidents.

But the biggest thing lately is modern technology repetitive strain injuries.

These are the result of playing video games for hours and hours, texting on a cell phone or sitting in front of a computer.

All of these activities will cause a forward head posture subluxation pattern which will force your neck to become straight or curved backwards.

I am seeing forward head posture subluxation patterns in 60 – 70% of kids under 10 years of age now which is an alarming statistic.

Next time we will discuss what you can do to correct a straight neck or a backwards curved neck, but in the meantime if you have any questions or comments about this topic or any other health concerns you may have, you can send us an email or give us a call at 905 335 5433.

Remember that consultations are always free of charge and family appointments are always available because subluxations tend to run in families.

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