Sinusitis And Neck Pain

Hello everyone.

Dr Brad Ivanchuk here.

I am a Burlington, Ontario chiropractor at Life Chiropractic Centre on Guelph Line in the Beacon Hill Plaza.

I am also a Certified Posture Expert and Postural Neurologist with the American Posture Institute. I also have the following designations with canfitpro; Personal Training Specialist, Active Aging Coach and Children’s Fitness Coach.

Today we are going to talk about your sinuses.

The connection between our sinuses and headaches has been well established. But what about the relationship between our sinuses and neck pain? Is there a connection here also?

Sinusitis is very common when pollen counts are high and when you have a cold or the flu.

The Mayo Clinic states that at least 2 out of the following 4 symptoms must be present in order to confirm a diagnosis of Chronic Sinusitis (CS).

1-Thick and often times discolored nasal discharge or post-nasal drip.
2-Congestion of nasal passages making it difficult to breathe through the nose.
3-Pain/tenderness/swelling of the eyes, nose, face (cheeks) and forehead.
4-Reduced sense of smell and taste in adults. Coughing in children.

Now, what many people do not realize however is that neck pain and stiffness, jaw pain and teeth pain can also be symptoms of CS.

And this all relates back to Posture Quadrant #1 – your head and cervical spine (neck). We already know that spinal misalignments and posture distortions here can result in neck pain and headaches but they can also make you susceptible to developing CS.

And it has been my clinical experience over the years that people who struggle with sinus issues including CS; a lot of them benefit greatly from chiropractic adjustments.

So if you or anyone in your family is suffering from CS or other sinus issues, I may be able to help. The first thing you would need to do is schedule an appointment for your free initial consultation which also includes a detailed posture analysis. And then we will take it from there.

Our phone number is 905 335 LIFE (5433) or you can email me by clicking directly on the link found on our home page.

Remember that good posture is by design and not by circumstance.

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