Sloppy Posture Can Lead To Weight Gain

Hello all.

Dr Brad here again.

Here we are in lock-up number 3.

There is a good chance that your kids will be spending more time at their computer (or on their other devices) either for entertainment purposes or for school work.

What you as a parent may want to keep an eye out for is sloppy or slumping posture.

I have seen quite a bit of this in kids especially over the past 12 months since we have been in and out of lock-up and their physical activities have been compromised.

And what I mean by sloppy or slumping posture is; head is tilted forwards , shoulders are rolled forwards and humping of the upper back.

The reason why you want to keep an eye out for these things is because this type of postural collapse can reduce ones lung capacity by up to 30%. Which means up to 30% less oxygen.

And this is the last thing we need right now with all the forced masking which already robs us of vital oxygen.

Amongst other things, oxygen fuels our metabolism. So when oxygen is low, metabolism is slow, we burn less calories and thus gain weight.

Another thing to consider also is that when we sit, we burn one third of the calories that we would when we are standing.

So, here are a couple of things you may want to consider if you are concerned about your children gaining a little too much weight for your liking.

One is to have them sit on an exercise ball when they are using their computer. Sitting on an exercise ball automatically engages their core muscles which will bring them into a more upright and healthy posture.

An upright posture will allow for deeper breathing. In other words, more oxygen into the body. So more oxygen means an elevated metabolic rate which means more calories burned. This will then help to curb that unwanted weight gain.

Another benefit is that an upright posture increases mental acuity and alertness. You could also try a sit-stand capable desk.

This would have the same effect as an exercise ball and my best recommendation is to stand for 40 min and sit for 20 min each hour.

If you do try this, let me know how it works for you.

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