2 Tips To Take The Edge Off Of Your Stress Headache

Are they every week?, twice a week?, 3 times a week?

Are you getting those stress headaches every day? Are you going to bed with a headache and/or waking up with a headache? Are you reaching for those pain-killers more than you would like to?

Hey guys.

Dr Brad here again and if this sounds like you, please read on because I am going to explain to you how these headaches can arise and I am going to give you 2 tips you can do at home to try to take the edge off of these things.

If you are the type to hold all your stress and tension in your neck and shoulders, over the course of time these repetitive episodes will irritate/inflame the numerous nerves at the top of your neck and along the base of your skull.

These same nerves envelope your entire skull including your face. This is why these type of headaches seem to start along the base of the skull, migrate to the top of the head and may even settle in the frontal area. The frontal area is defined as the area between your temples; the forehead and around your eyes.

So here are 2 things you can do when you start to feel one of these nasties coming on.

The first thing is do these 3 stretches; 1- interlace fingers, hands behind your head and gently pull down chin to chest. 2- same starting position but turn head 30 degrees to the right and gently pull down chin to chest with a slight direction to the left (opposite side). 3- the opposite of #2. Turn head to left and gently pull down to the right.
Rule of thumb when stretching….when you get to point of tension, hold it there. Do not force past the point of tension. Hold it for a minimum for 30 seconds, 60 is ideal. Do this 2 or 3 times to break-up some of that muscular tension along the base of your skull and the top of the your neck.
Now you are ready for the second part – your flexible ice pack.

You will want to lie down on a firm pillow, wrap the ice pack with a thin tissue (to prevent frost-bite) and lie on it for 15 minutes. If you do experience concurrent frontal headaches, turn the ice pack over and lie it across your forehead and eyes for another 10 minutes.

You can safely do this routine once an hour until you break the cycle and start to relax and feel some relief.

If you do try this, let me know how it works for you. And if you do have any questions, you are always welcome to reach out to me on fb.

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