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“What You Can Do To Better Manage Your Stress”

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Over the next few weeks we are going to talk about stress.

A while ago I remember reading on the front page of USA Today that ‘stress’ was becoming the #1 killer in America.

And it has been my experience that things are really not that much different here in Canada.

A lot of people remark on how they are ‘so stressed out’ these days but very few understand what stress really is and especially the consequences that stress can have on your health.

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So we are going to discuss natural remedies and approaches to managing your stress effectively and how chiropractic care has helped thousands of patients all over the planet cope better with their stress.

This is how Dorland’s Medical Dictionary defines stress; stress is the sum of all biological reactions in the body to any adverse stimuli. Adverse stimuli can either be physical, mental/emotional or chemical in nature and they can affect the body either externally or internally.

Let me clarify …. a whiplash injury to your neck from a car accident would be a form of physical stress from the outside (external ).

An ulcer in your stomach from taking too much aspirin would be a form of chemical stress from the inside ( internal ).

Spilling battery acid on your skin causing a chemical burn would be a form of chemical stress from the outside ( external ).

Let’s say you are worried about your job security and this is causing you mental/emotional stress.

As a result your blood pressure is starting to elevate. The ‘worrying’ is internal but the cause of the worrying is external ( job security ).

Now, when your body has trouble dealing or coping with these adverse stimuli, this is when stress starts to have a negative impact on your health.

And it is no secret that stress can cause anything from a minor headache to heart disease and even cancer.

We will get more into this next time but if you have any immediate questions on this topic or any other health concerns you or your family may have, please give us a call.

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