Types Of Stress

“The Three Types Of Stress
That Can Negatively Impact
Your Health And Wellness”

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Today as we continue our discussions about stress, you are going to learn about the 3 types of stress that affect each and every one of us; man, women and child.

The 3 types of stress are physical, mental and chemical.

Let me explain.

Physical stress is any type of force that will negatively impact or harm your body.

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Examples of physical stress are sporting injuries, whiplash injuries to your spine from a whiplash car accident, lifting injuries to your lower back, poor posture, giving birth to a child and even the birth process itself.

Mental stress are those things which can weigh heavy on your mind.

Common sources of mental stress these days are job insecurity, unhealthy relationships with family members or friends and what I like to call “ stinkin’ thinkin’ “.

Stinkin’ thinkin’ is self-talk (and we all do it) but it is negative, depressing and destructive.

The 3rd kind of stress which is chemical stress results from toxins that enter our body either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Common sources of toxins are smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs, prescription medication and a diet full of sugar, refined and processed phones.

To find out how these 3 types of stress really affect your health, please refer to last week’s video/text and next time, I am going to share with you a little known secret about stress that just may be what you need to know to help manage your stress more effectively.

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