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“This Is Very Important Information From Our Burlington Clinic For Any Parent To Read If Their Newborn Has Difficulty Turning Their Head To One Or Both Sides”

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If you have noticed this to be the case, it is most likely due to a spinal strain ( having ruled out more serious complications ) which usually occurs during the birth process.

Because the baby’s head & neck are used as a lever to assist it through the birth canal, this can often times strain the spinal joints in the neck resulting in neck stiffness  & crooked posture.

Understand that all the twisting & pulling  associated with the birth process can result in up to 60 lbs of force on a neck that has yet to see one day of life outside of the womb!

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Ask yourself how you would feel as an adult if someone pulled on your head & twisted it & your neck with 60 lbs of force? [ FYI – manual chiropractic adjustments employ 3 -5 lbs of force applied in a specifically controlled direction. ]

If the birth process itself was difficult or complicated, ie. prolonged labour, a forceps delivery, a vacuum assisted delivery or the baby presented in the wrong position, then the chances of your baby suffering birth trauma to the neck are even greater.

Other things that you may have also noticed ; your baby has difficulty holding their head in the upright position, they always hold their head turned or tilted to the same side, & you  may even notice that they prefer to breast-feed from the same side only.

As a parent, you should not ignore these signs & symptoms as they are indicative of a definite spinal problem in the neck region. And in most cases, these injuries will not heal on their own & if left unattended they will set the stage for bad posture later in childhood & even degenerative spinal disease.

Early intervention is the key to preventing these things from happening and this is where chiropractic care can be of a huge benefit.

Gentle chiropractic treatments will help to heal the injured soft-tissues & correct the alignment of the delicate spinal joints.

This will ensure that as your baby grows, they will have good spinal flexibility & good posture both of which are essential for their overall health & well-being.

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