Horizontal Births

“What You Need To Know About Horizontal Births From Our Burlington Clinic”

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While the dangers and disadvantages of giving birth while lying on one’s back is more widespread, this is still the main position in which the majority of women in North America give birth.

If you are going to have a baby anytime soon, please consider the following disadvantages of pushing while lying on the back….

The pelvic outlet is reduced, which creates less room for the baby.

Less urge for the mother to push.

Baby takes longer to descend… lying on the back makes more of an uphill route that the baby needs to manoeuvre.

Less oxygen to the baby due to increased pressure from the weight of the uterus & the baby itself on the inferior vena cava.

( this is a major artery in the mother that feeds the baby )

More difficult for the mother to reach down & assist in the birth of her own baby.

Increased pain for the mother.

The uterus has to work harder to create contractions to bring the baby down.

Contractions may slow or stop altogether.

Increased risk of aggravating or creating new hemorrhoids.

Greater risk of perineal tears & lacerations.

Increased insecurity on the part of the mother, as she cannot see what is being done to her.

Greater risk of shoulder dystocia ( where the baby’s shoulder gets lodged behind the mother’s pubic bone resulting in difficult labour) due to the decreased pelvic outlet.

You can search this site for a posting entitled Pregnancy & Vertical Birth to learn what other options are available to you.

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