Flu Shot Facts And Stats

“Flu Shot Facts, Stats, And Stories
From Our Burlington Chiropractic Clinic”

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Well people;

Here we go again!

The annual huge media campaign praising the benefits of the flu shot.

You would probably turn ‘green’ if you had any idea how many millions and millions of your tax dollars go towards these campaigns.

TV, radio and print ads do not come cheap, not to mention the estimated $72,000,000.00 spent purchasing, distributing and injecting.

That’s right. 72 million dollars!!

We chiropractors are always asked whether to get the flu shot.

And every time I recall a situation with one of my senior patients who blindly followed her family docs advice and took a flu shot…Just because the doc told her to.

Afterwards she went to the mall to do some shopping and when she got on the escalator, her arm felt funny, so she took off her jacket to take a look. Her arm ( the same side as the flu shot injection ) was 3 times its normal size.

When she saw this, she fainted and fell down those hard steel escalator stairs and damn near killed herself!

When she went back to the family doc, they vehemently denied the flu shot had anything to do with the swelling of her arm. Big surprise !!

Since most of you reading this are adults and you can make decisions for yourself, let me help you understand that the information out there about the flu shot is extremely biased.

Take this for nothing more or nothing less than helping you to make the best decision about whether you or your family should get a flu shot.

Some facts about influenza, aka the Flu

There are 3 main types of flu strains: A,B and C. 5 main sub-types and 150 different variants leading to virtually thousands of different viruses.

The influenza virus mutates very quickly, which is why you can never get life-time immunity.

Let me say again – you can never get life-time immunity!

It is spread by inhalation of ‘droplet transmission’ ( sneezing, kissing, coughing ) but it does not survive in the air very long.

You cannot catch it without close contact.

It also has a very short ‘shelf-life’ ( on doorknobs, counter-tops, taps ) once it has left the confines of your body (respiratory tract ).

And the reality is you cannot determine if you have the flu by symptoms alone.

You need a blood analysis for verification.

The flu shot contains 3 variants of dead influenza virus.

There is no scientific way possible to determine what this year’s type of flu will be, so the ‘experts’ decided last year what 3 variations would be included in this year’s batch or lot.

Experts? Guessing? What is wrong with this picture?!

This is what else goes into the batch: formaldehyde, aluminum, alcohol, mercury, antibiotics, thimerisol and squalene.

And then they suggest injecting this brew into your body.

And this is good for you, how?

According to Health Canada, about 8-12% of blood tests for influenza were positive in ANY year.

That means a whole lot of people felt sick, went to their family doc or a clinic, were most likely diagnosed with the flu ( which was reported to the Public Health Unit as the flu ), had a blood draw but did not have the flu after all.

So, we can state very confidently that 90% of all flu-like symptoms are not the flu at all!

So, how does a flu shot protect you against a non-flu?

Well, it doesn’t.

But, what about all that other stuff ( the formaldehyde, aluminum etc. ) that is now in your body ?

Yikes !!!!

Then they try to use flu-related deaths as leverage.

Health Canada says about 1500 annually.

But what you probably don’t know is that they lump it in with deaths from pneumonia which can be a complication after getting the flu.

Pneumonia and influenza are 2 different things.

The data is therefore not accurate.

As for predicting the strains, the CDC ( Center for Disease Control , Atlanta Ga. ) keep statistics and for 2011 their stats showed they were 62% WRONG on picking the proper strains.

But, proponents of the flu shot state it is up to 90% effective in preventing the flu.

How is that possible?

I guess they don’t read their own data.

Regarding creating specific immunity, it is hard to find a study that shows this to be true.

There are studies that indicate a high rate of immune-reaction after injection, but so would scratching yourself with a rusty nail!

Other studies show that the shot actually causes a reduction in anti-body production for up to 2 weeks afterwards making it easier to catch the flu or other illnesses.

Do you think this is why so many people get the flu after the flu shot?

Remember the massive outbreak of flu a number of years ago in a Kitchener nursing home?

That is what really started the Ontario flu shot campaign in the 1st place.

Listen to this …. according to statistics released after the inquest, more people who GOT the vaccine died than those who went without!

But the Ministry of Health still pushes the flu shot upon us.

What are they thinking?!

And if you believe what they tell you about safety, here are the side-effects according to the ‘Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs’: anaphylactic shock ( which can kill you ),kidney damage ( which can leave you severely ill or kill you ), pericarditis (inflammation of the heart which can kill you ) and Guillain-Barre Syndrome ( which can leave you paralyzed for life ).

A study in the 80’s showed that 5 consecutive flu shots increased your risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease by 10 times !!

It is anticipated that Alzheimer’s will increase a staggering 400% over the next 10 years.

Hmmm, I wonder why?

One last thing you may interested to know is that influenza is perhaps the biggest reason chiropractic survived the medical witch-hunt in the early part of the last century.

Chiropractic pioneers were carted off to jail every which way for “practicing medicine without a license” ( even though they prescribed no pills and did no surgery ).

What exploded the growth of our profession and possibly increased medicine’s vengeance towards us was the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1917-19.

With millions of people dying all over the planet, it became obvious in short order that people under chiropractic care either did not get sick or recovered quickly if they did.

The incidence and ultimate death-rates for people getting adjusted were around 2% of those who undertook traditional medical care.

The reality is, we still see this in our office now.

Here is your safe and inexpensive prescription
for beating the flu

Eat right, get adequate exercise, get adjusted regularly.

It is as simple as that!

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We are here to help families just like yours build vibrant, healthy, drug-free lives.

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