Dr. Brad Can Help With Both Fitness And Posture

Hello everyone.

 Dr Brad here again and the past few weeks we have talked about weight gain during lockdown.

There are couple of things that I think all parents should be aware of. One is, by the age of 15, 25% of Canadian kids are considered to be obese.

Remember that obesity can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and even cancer.

Also, 1 out of three school-aged kids has forward head posture (tech neck). Kids with poor posture end up growing into adults with even worse posture and we know that poor posture can lead to weight gain.

If you have such concerns with any of your children, I can help you with this. As a certified Children’s Fitness Coach (canfitpro) and a Certified Posture Expert (American Posture Institute), I can assess your child’s level of fitness and their posture and then give you my best recommendations to improve both.

There are many, many benefits from doing this and better weight management is certainly one of them.

Your next step would be to call our office and schedule an appointment for a Complimentary Case Review for your child.

This is a detailed health history (past and present) and a detailed posture scan. I will review the results with you right then and there, and let you know what may be your next step. The choice to move forwards is up to you.

The Case Review is of no charge to you and there are no obligations on your part.I invite you to take advantage of this opportunity.

You will find it very enlightening and educational at the least, and it may even save your child’s life.

The number to call here in Burlington is 905 335 LIFE (5433).

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